Karkidaka Masam – A season for healing

It was the last week in the month of May and Sivan gazed anxiously to the south and to the west. As far as he could see, beneath a gradually greying sky, three oceans frolicked together, sometimes playfully, at others in passionate embraces, throwing up froth and large waves that washed against the shore. The soil beneath his feet was thirsty, it had begun to crack and Sivan was grow increasingly anxious about the seeds that he had sown. He had waited all month, looking at the sky for signs of clouds, in vain. Iridescent blue, the heavens seemed to taunt his hope. Perhaps this was an annual ritual that many previous generations of his family were condemned to as well, he thought. And then, this morning, the first grey flecked bunches of clouds appeared over the horizon and even the oceans seemed to exult as a strong breeze blew them inland.

Further north, along the coast, a revered Ayurveda physician ‘vaidyan’ Panikkar, had spent many weeks in preparation for the onset of the monsoon. Herbs and roots were sourced from the forests in the mountains to the east. His acolytes had been busy over the vats as fresh batches of oils were distilled and stored in earthen jars. Potions were mixed and their jars labelled. Now, he too felt the moisture laden wind and smelt rain. The vaidyan’s gaze swept with pride around his spa. ‘Karkida Masam’ had just begun and he looked forward to a fruitful season.

Gigantic masses of clouds formed and accompanied by thunder and lightning, sailed inland. They seemed to overwhelm the world itself and all life with their embrace. They assumed forms in the imaginations of those that viewed this celestial theatre.  Some assumed forms of seductive women, others, slithering serpents and mythical beasts. And everywhere the clouds travelled, over the arid landscape of the Indian subcontinent, rain fell in sheets. Varsha- she bit, stung, and greeted farmers across the land who had waited in anticipation. She also gave life. Everywhere, the earth turned a fecund green. Children shrieked in joy, made paper boats that were swept away in torrents. Streams were cleansed and windows closed, moss carpeted walls and grew on tree trunks. Rituals were performed to propitiate the rain goddess. Shivan watched his crop emerge as the soil greedily drank the rain, as did millions of other farmers across this blessed land.

Our physicians believe that Karkida Masam’ is ideal for rejuvenation treatments and therapies, due to the fact that when the air is moist with the monsoon, pores in the body expand and enable Ayurveda medications to be more effective.  ‘Karkida Chikitsa’( ‘Chikitsa’ traditional Ayurveda practices) also known as Rithu Charya, detoxifies and rejuvenates body and mind, preventing lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and hypercholesterolemia. Other treatments help in mitigating diseases like arthritis, lumbar and cervical Spondylitis, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Treatments and therapies offered at X Spas during the monsoon include – oil massages, Panchakarma and Sukha Chikitsa.

Do check out the extensive range of treatments and therapies at an X Spa. Most herbs and ingredients that we use are organically grown at our destinations. Including the milk procured from the Vechur cows that we breed. Guests who avail our Ayurveda packages are also fed a special Ayurveda diet that consists of Karkida Kanji, a rice porridge with medicated herbs. After cooking, coconut milk is added to the gruel along with onions sautéed in butter made from cow’s milk.

Guests who avail our Ayurveda packages are also fed a special Ayurveda diet that consists of Karkida Kanji, a rice porridge with medicated herbs. After cooking the gruel is added with coconut milk and onions sautéed in butter made from cow’s milk.